Cosmetic Mask Cup Filling and Sealing Machine

Cosmetic Mask Cup Filling and Sealing Machine

Machine is suitable for filling various semi-liquid materials. such as cream ,milk,,tea water, instant r,yogurt and other saucer material.

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Product Details

Cosmetic mask cup filling and sealing machine


Application Range:

The machine is made with beautiful stainless aluminum molding and with near bright outlook. All the contacting part which can touch the product of the machine is made by stainless steel; it can completely meet the hygienic standard.
All the functions are worked on by machine. It is fully automatic from dropping the plastic vessel, filling, coding, sealing film, cutting film, producing the product to getting the scrap.
The machine is highly efficiency and let you have more economic benefit. 
It has long life to use, simple adjustment, easily maintenance.

Main function:

1. New generator single lane cup semi-liquid filling machine can provide vertical or horizontal capsule loading device.

2. Provide automatic control of the weight through dosing system by means of very precise screw pump inject Omron brand PLC control machine’s running.

3. Nitrogen flush function, modify capsule inside atmosphere,prolong liquid expire date.

4. Two different sealing style, Die-cutting lids or Roll film.

5. CIP clean system.

Machine Technical Parameters

Machine Parts

All the product contact parts are stainless steel AISI 304. The machine is constructed of stainless steel, anodized aluminum and plastic


CE, FDA, CSA,   ISO 9001,SGS

Product Material

Sauce,jelly,Milk,tea ,water semi-liquid   etc.

Sealing Style

Pre-cut lids and rolled film

Production Capacity

60-80 cups per minute

Liquid Feeding

Pump auger filler

Filling Weight


Dosage Accuracy



1 phase  220V   50/60HZ  1.5KW

Air Pressure


Air Consumption







Attached   below


Working video


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