Two Lanes K Cup Coffee Capsule Filling Machine

Our skp-2 K cup coffee capsule filling machine is suitable for filling various granule,powder,and liquid materials. such as coffee ,milk powder,tea, instant powder,yogurt and other food materials.

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SKP-2 Big Capacity Two lanes K cup coffee capsule filling machine


Sample Display




Performance feature

Work principle:

1) after the bulk material into a certain amount of coffee, and then set the need to install inside the capsule of coffee.

After ensuring a certain amount of coffee in the tank,set  the quantity of coffee

2which feeding into filter capsule.

Stir motor start to work ,to make the coffee in stir barrel uniform and feeding more easily.

Main function:

1. manipulator automatically load cup→2.photoelectric sensor cup loading detection→3. Catch filter cup→4.filter cup detection→5.filling nitrogen→6.filling coffee powder→ powder and clean dust→8.suck film→ detection→10.heat seal→11.cups output

Machine Technical Parameters

Machine  Parts

All the product contact parts are stainless steel AISI 304. The machine is   constructed of stainless steel, anodized aluminum and plastic


CE, FDA, CSA,   ISO 9001,SGS

Product Material

Ground coffee,milk,tea powder

Sealing Style

Die-cutting aluminum foil or Roll film

Production Capacity

80-100 capsules per minute

Coffee Feeding

Servo driven auger filler

Filling Weight


Dosage   Accuracy



3 phase  220/380V   50/60HZ     7.5KW

Air Pressure


Air Consumption







Attached below


  The machine is highly integrated with machine, electricity, gas composition,as shown in figure 4-1, including 3 parts :mechanical device, the electric control system and air control system.Mechanical device cooperate with the function of electricity and gas to finish some mechanical action, such as sending capsule, grasping capsule and dropping capsule down, jacking capsule,  pressing capsule, filling powder, pressing powder, membrane absorption, heat sealing, blown capsule, conveying, counting, etc. Among them ,there are sensors beside dropping and pressing capsule position, which detect the position of capsule whether conveying according to the rules. The whole machinery including the following several parts: 1.sending capsule parts  2. grasping capsule parts  3. pressing cup parts . 4. frame parts (mold plate conveyor)  5.membrane absorption parts  6.heat sealing parts 7.conveyor component 8.counting parts.

Electronic control system consists of main motor, frequency converter, servo motor, private servers drives, heating equipment, PLC(OmRon), touch screen, photoelectric sensor, encoder, closing switch and other electrical components. Due to its high level of electrical components integration, strong control ability. The use of touch screen technology, make the machine more reliable and convenient to operate, more friendly man-machine interface. Photoelectric sensor, encoder, and are all adopted advanced sensors. The machine got perfect mechanical and electrical integration performance.

Pneumatic system mainly control and drive some actuators to complete the action, to simplify the mechanical structure,by gas source treatment components, solenoid valve, pressure gauge, gas circuit board,  generator,  throttle valve, connection of the trachea, pipe fittings and a series of pneumatic components. The machine start element has high reliability, operating smoothly . Due to the electrical system using compressed air as working medium for energy and signal transmission, to ensure the service life of pneumatic system components, do use the compressed air after drying treatment. 



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