Four Lanes Dolce Gusto Coffee Capsule Packing Machine

This big capacity four lanes Dolce Gusto coffee capsule filling machine is specially designed for coffee powder to pack in dolce gusto .

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SKP-4 Fully automatic Four lanes dolce gusto coffee capsule filling machine with big capacity


Sample Display of dolce gusto 

Description of dolce gusto filling machine 

Different type compatible dolce gusto cup ,it need seal one time ,seal twice ,three times .Show you our customer dolce gusto cup.

it can fills coffee powder, milk powder,tea powder.

Main Feature of dolce gusto filling machine 

1. New generator four lanes dolce gusto coffee capsule filling machine can provide two different  capsule feeding system .Denesters for capsules in stacks and automatic vibration or centrifugal sorter capsule feeder.

2. Provide automatic control of the weight through dosing system by means of very precise one Schneider brand servo motor. Omron brand PLC control machine’s running

3. Nitrogen flush function, modify capsule inside atmosphere,prolong coffee expire date.

4. Two different sealing style, heat seal/ultrasonic seal

5. Lids from roll paper film/Plastic film

6. In-line check weigher,automatically reject incorrect product.

7. Pick and place capsules on the conveyor ,do second package.

9. Standard Function :dolce gusto coffee capsule dropping (vertical or horizontal),Omoron detection (no cup no filling ),servo motor filling,power suction ,put pre-cut lids(rolled film) .out put. Optional Function :UV light ,Anti-static device,Remote control,flavor adding system,auger feeding system,bag packing machine,box filling and folding machine,



Working video of dolce gusto filling machine


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