Six Lanes Nespresso Coffee Capsule Packing Machine

This SKP-6 Four lanes compatible Nespresso coffee capsule filling machine with full production lane is specially designed for coffee powder to pack in Nespresso .

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SKP-6 Six lanes Aluminum and Plastic Nespresso coffee capsule filling machine


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Application Range of SKP-6 Six lanes Aluminum and Plastic Nespresso coffee capsule filling machine

1. SKP-6 Six lanes Nespresso coffee capsule filling machine/empty aluminum plastic Nespresso capsules is suitable for filling various granule,powder,and liquid materials. such as coffee ,milk powder,tea, instant powder,yogurt and other food materials.

2. Compatible Lavazza blue ,k-cup,Lavazza a modo mio

Main features of SKP-6 Six lanes Aluminum and Plastic Nespresso coffee capsule filling machine


Machine structure:

Aluminum plate part: aluminum alloy acid-resistant aluminum mold, with no deformation, corrosion resistance, high hardness and long service life;

Part of the frame: welded with high-quality carbon steel, sprayed with anti-rust paint, and then covered with 304 stainless steel, with solid bolts on the ground. Can also be made into stainless steel;

Transmission system: using well-known brands of motors, reducers, cam splitters, stencils, drive chains, such as: Mitsubishi Electric.

Drop cup system: It is made up of rack, slide rail, storage cup compartment and push cup cylinder. The signal synchronization control action is completed when the template is stopped. Stable and efficient.

Filling system: The storage tank is made of stainless steel 304 and the size can be customized. The filling volume can be adjusted freely, the quantitative filling accuracy is high, no dripping, and the stirring system and the heat preservation heating system can be added.

Film release system: This machine automatically grabs the film with the vacuum arm and puts it directly above the empty cup, which has high accuracy and saves time and efficiency.

Coding system: Automatic ribbon coding (constant temperature control) is adjustable, and the code can be quickly changed. Easy to load and unload.

Membrane system: Photoelectric eye tracking automatically corrects the film pattern and cup mouth alignment.

Sealing system: It adopts constant temperature (smart temperature control) hot pressing twice to seal, sealing head is first grade brass, good thermal conductivity, firm and strong.

Film cutting mechanism: cold punching, cutting out the cover film with easy tearing, easy to open.

Out cup system: slide rail, slider, variable speed motor, mounting bracket, can also be equipped with vacuum arm suction cup system, external conveyor belt.

Control system: It adopts Oumulong relay, Omron and Siemens PLC programmable control. The main components are famous brands at home and abroad.

Machine Technical Parameters of SKP-6 Six lanes Aluminum and Plastic Nespresso coffee capsule filling machine



Working video

Skp series automatic filling and sealing machine adopts chain stepping transmission mechanism. Can work continuously for 24 hours. The use of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper and other anti-corrosion materials in line with the food hygiene law, stable and reliable performance is the main equipment for the ideal beverage production line. This machine can automatically (manually) put the cup.

The local electrical and pneumatic components are all international brands such as Germany, France and Japan. The man-machine interface and PLC plus standby control system can be configured as needed.

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