Automatic Nespresso Coffee Capsule Filling Machine

This type Nespresso coffee capsule filling machine and coffee capsule sealing machine is our new type product ,small occupying space,high speed .it is speed can 30 capsules per min.Besides it has high flexibility .

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SKP-1 Single lane plastic and aluminum Nespresso coffee capsule filling machine


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Automatic coffee capsule filling machine: 
Filling machine is also called filling line, filling machinery, filling system, filling equipment, filler, filler machine etc in the packaging industry. Filling machine is an equipment to fill solid, liquid or semi-solid products with predetermined volume and weight into bottle, bag, tube, box etc container with plastic, metal, glass materials.
It can fill water, oil, ink, beverage, gel, cream ,lotion, shampoo, sauce, jam, chemical, medical filling, filling equipment, vacuum packaging machine etc. The types include gear pump liquid filling machine, semi-automatic pneumatic paste filling machine, automatic filling machine.


Filling machine features:
1.Full automatic several heads negative pressure filling as requirement, automatic capping and steam jet exhaust sealing cap screwing, paste labeling;
2. Advanced HMI (Human Machine Interface) operation, PLC control (Programmable Logic Controller),they are all automatic that incoming bottles counted, peeling and weighing for filling.
3.Vacuum negative pressure filling, compact, bubbling proof and dripping proof;
4.All contact parts material are 316L stainless steel, and surface is 304 stainless steel, reaching the food sanitation standard;
5.Easy to be disassembled and cleaned with the quick coupling adopted to the pipeline connection.
6. Volume and quality of the two measurement methods can be freely converted.
7. Filling head design and vacuum suction system unique, ensure the filling process without residual oil leakage, filling speed, the filling speed can be adjusted, to prevent overflow bottle phenomenon.
8. The dynamic filling, without loading high tanks, simplifies the installation process and improve the filling efficiency.
9. A crawler type capping machine, stable no noise, no air pressure phenomenon.
10. Touch screen friendly interface, easy to operate, PLC SIEMENS control system, fast operation, stable performance, excellent quality.
11. Electricity, gas parts are used to fine components, to ensure the stability of the whole operation.

Machine Technical Parameters



Working video of skp-1 Nespresso coffee capsule filling and sealing ,machine

Q: What is your delivery time?
A: About 45to 60 working days after we received the deposit. 
Q: How about your service for the equipment installation and commissioning?
A: If you need, our engineer can go to your site for them after water and electricity be readied.
Q: What is your after-sale service?
A: One year warranty with spare parts free of charge, online respond in time and site service.
Our factory mainly supply liquid filling machine, including mineral water, pure water filling machine, milk, wine filling packing machine. Powder packing machine and beverage filling machine. Sealing machine, labeling machine and capping machine are supplied too.

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